Answers to Questions That You Might Have

  1. The Letter of the Month Club is not trying to sell anything. It is not part of a larger corporation or organization. This is a for-fun project that is curated by one person.
  2. You may use a pseudonym or initials as long as you think it will still allow your mail to be delivered
  3. This is not the project for you if your adress is something that you like to keep really private. The Letter of the Month Club will not do anything to your name and address other than mail it to another letter-writer in the months that you choose to participate-- but the Letter of the Month Club also can't be responsible for crazy stalkers or anything. Be safe and smart. If you're generally concerned about name and address safety, a P.O. box can be a great (and fairly inexpensive) investment.
  4. Your letters can cover a wide variety of ground. They can be traditionally styled letters, short stories, rants, poems, comics-- whatever you feel like writing. Just don't be a jerk. No threats, no meanness please.
  5. Please don't send your recipients erotic content or porn. There are lots of really good venues out there for exchanging erotic content and porn-- and this is not one of them.
  6. To keep the cost at a single stamp per person, please only sign up if you're in the USA. It is not (yet?) an international project.
  7. The Letter of the Month Club strives to attract people from lots of different ages, cities, states, interests, and backgrounds. It wants to be really inclusive. You might end up writing to/ receiving mail from someone who you would never dream of speaking to in real life. How exciting!
  8. Do you have other questions? Email the Club!

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